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Exclusions have no Place in an Inclusive World

Exclusive - adjective

1. not admitting of something else; incompatible

2. omitting of consideration or account

3. shutting out all others from a part or a share

Inclusive - adjective

1. including a great deal, or encompassing everything concerned; comprehensive

2. enclosing; embracing

3. inclusive of, including; also taking into account

Live a life full of abundance:

People talk a lot about "living their best life" and "avoiding negativity". One of the biggest things about sales today is giving in abundance instead of focusing solely on sales. In fact by giving free content and good advice a company can grow exponentially. Why does this work? It has to do with passion. When you are passionate about your industry it makes you dive into the details and, when you are the recognized expert in your area, the business naturally proceeds to find you.

A large part of the growth of Inglenook Realty Inc. since 2005 has come from the attitude of giving abundantly. As a matter of fact, recently a local Real Estate attorney stated: "If you want a company that will do anything for their clients, you hire Inglenook Realty." I won't go into too many examples, but safe to say I've shampooed some rugs and scraped some chipped paint in my day. I've even installed a handrail before. We've been blessed to get where we are, and are thankful to all the clients that helped us get there.

We are able to give abundantly because we are inclusive, we cooperate with our competitors and allow them to share in our profit by offering a large part of our commission to them when they sell one of our listings. At time of writing there are over 4,000 members in the Eastern New York Regional Multiple Listing Service, which is the most widely used MLS in the area. (Side note, the MLS is about to grow even more as we are merging with the Warren County MLS starting next year.) So when you list with Inglenook Realty Inc., you are also in front of over 4,000 agents' buyers who have friends and family all over the Capital District they are selling houses to.

Fair Housing law was written to make the Real Estate world more inclusive and, as it was implemented, home ownership blossomed. That's the beauty of inclusiveness, it raises everybody up. 🏡

Shown Exclusively by...

Shutting all others out from a part or a share is the opposite of living in abundance. It's hurtful to the client and takes many options for the seller off the table. Exclusivity shuts out over 4,000 agents from actively viewing the property on the largest area Multiple Listing Service because it simply is not there. Exclusivity omits the joy of sharing with others. It holds people down instead of raising them up. 

Have you ever seen a documentary of the native tribes that still exist without outside interference around the world? They are running around with bow and arrow and spears in loin cloths. They have no ability to progress forward because they are excluded from the knowledge that the whole world has gathered through the centuries. Would you want that exclusivity mindset marketing your home for sale?!

Exclusivity as a business model is dying. Companies that are not willing to cooperate and give abundantly are finding themselves losing market share. As companies refuse to adapt, they refuse to change, and they march towards the inevitable. Exclusivity is a dinosaur and the meteor has already hit. If you're buying or selling in this competitive market you want to get off that dinosaur and come into the modern times.

-Adam Pandori is an inclusive agent that has given abundantly to his clients since 2005.

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