About Peter

Where did you grow up?

Amsterdam NY

Tell us about your family:

I’m a father to a wonderful daughter.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Do you have any Hobbies?

I enjoy taking long road trips, any vacation and I love to travel on cruise ships.

What did you do before you got into Real Estate? How did this prepare you for Real Estate (if at all)?

I’ve worked in Credit Unions and Banks for over 16 years. I’ve been in customer service and I enjoy assisting people in many different aspects.

Why did you get in to selling Real Estate?

I love when clients feel accomplished.

My favorite thing about Real Estate is…………….

I love assisting clients in any aspect of Real Estate.

What is the most Challenging/Gratifying Aspect of What you do?

I LOVE helping others.

What are the top 4 things you feel separate you from the competition?

I’m a home owner, I own a 2 family rental property, I’m very compassionate in what I do and I’m a patient person.

What is the one tip you would have for someone looking to buy a home?

Take your time and view as many properties as you can until you find the “right” home for you.

Why should someone choose you as their Real Estate agent?

I’m very patient, compassionate and will assist you in the entire Real Estate process.

Do you have a nickname:


Answer the following: I am?

A twin

Answer the following: I live?

In Amsterdam NY

Answer the following: I was born?

A fun guy

Answer the following: What is your proudest moment?

Becoming a Father

Answer the following: What drives you?

Making my clients happy!

Your Alarm Clock just went off……what time is it?


What would be your perfect day?

Taking a long drive!

What was your first job?

Car detailer at a local car dealership.

What is your favorite thing about the Capital Region and or Mohawk Valley?

I love the fall weather and the foliage. There are also many recreational, historical and many things to see!

Let’s pretend you were building your dream home today and money was no object…..what is one thing it would definitely have?

A huge Castle Home.

Who or what is your inspiration?

My grandfather was my biggest inspiration in life.

Finish the following sentence: Inglenook Realty is:

A great Real Estate company for any of your Real Estate needs.

What is your phone number and email address?

(518) 369-3432 [email protected]

What are two things most people do not know about you?

I’m a twin and I have a limousine license.

You are at a restaurant and the waitress asks you what kind of drink you would like? You order?

Captain and Coke.

If your friends had to describe you using 5 words, they would say?

Funny, organized, well-rounded, patient

Dream Vacation?

Cruise Ship

One thing you wish you knew?

I want to learn as much as I can in Real Estate

Favorite Food?

Italian food.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less

Funny, organized, well rounded Guy.

Complete the following sentence: I wish…..

I owned a castle as my primary home.

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