Kristin VanNostrand
NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Where did you grow up?

Tell us about your family:
I have an amazing fiance that makes me want to be a better person everyday. I also have two beautiful children that are my world.

Do you have any Hobbies?
I enjoy vacationing, playing board or card games, and watching the kids participate in activities that make them happy.

How long have you worked in Real Estate? 
2021 is my first year

Why did you get in to selling Real Estate?
I wanted to be able to put my energy and determination in making people happy. I love real estate and felt that with my characteristic traits this would be a good fit.

I have accomplished?
Going back to school and starting a second career while being a dedicated mother and working full time.

What are the top 4 things you feel separate you from the competition?
My persistence, determination, compassion and communication. I would work for my client day in and day out no matter what their budget is. I am about wanting to make my clients happy with their purchases.

What is the one tip you would have for someone looking to buy a home?
Make a list of what you want or do not want in a home and bring the list to Inglenook and we will find you a perfect fit.

Why should someone choose you as their Real Estate agent?
I would be dedicated and communitive to my clients. I would work any amount of time that is needed to make a client happy and satisfied.

Do you have any awards or designations/certifications?
I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and Management from The Sage Colleges.

Answer the following: I am?

Answer the following: I live?
In Mayfield

Answer the following: What is your proudest moment?
Becoming a mother twice!

Answer the following: What drives you?
Making people happy

Answer the following: What is your biggest challenge?
Cooking. I do not like to cook but love good food. I do not know my way around a kitchen or ingredients.

What is your Favorite Quote?
"I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles."-Audrey Hepburn

Your Alarm Clock just went off......what time is it?
5:30 am but depending on the day I might hit snooze a few times

What would be your perfect day?
Being by the pool with my family and friends

What was your first job?
A Busser at Beardslee Castle

If you had a super hero power, what would it be?
To make time stay still.

What is your favorite thing about the Capital Region and or Mohawk Valley?
The scenery. The area is surrounded by natural beauty.

Let's pretend you were building your dream home today and money was no object.....what is one thing it would definitely have?
Huge heated pool! With a beautiful sitting area and lights.

Who or what is your inspiration?
My children. They inspire me to be the best version of myself. Their future goals in life are my goals in life.

Finish the following sentence: Inglenook Realty is:A brokerage that is going to treat their clients as family. Kathy sold my parents home when I was a teenager and to this day my parents still talk about how wonderful and kind she was to work with when they have conversations about real estate with friends and family.

What is your phone number and email address?518-844-5969 and [email protected]

You are at a restaurant and the waitress asks you what kind of drink you would like? You order?
Glass of wine.

If your friends had to describe you using 5 words, they would say?
Motivated, Dependable, Dedicated, Tenacious and Knowledgeable . I literally texted my friend and this was her response.

Dream Vacation?
Anywhere warm with my family. I love beaches and boogie boarding and finding sea shells with my family.

One thing you wish you knew?
What I wanted to do with my career earlier in life.

In my past life, I was a?
Good question. I would say I was someone or creature that lived near or in the ocean.

Favorite word?

Favorite band/music?
Classic Rock

Favorite Book?
The Great Gatsby

Favorite Food?

Describe yourself in 5 words or less
Loyal, Driven, Dedicated and Loving

Complete the following sentence: I wish.....
That time didn't go by so fast. Some days are long but the years fly by.
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