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Selling a house has changed in the world of Facebook, Google, and Zillow. You need the correct approach to maximize your opportunity for a sale. When you're hiring a real estate agent you are hiring them to do two things: Market your house and protect your interests. 

The most important aspect of marketing your home is the visual representation of the home to the buying public. This requires teamwork between you, the seller, and myself, the listing agent. As your listing agent, I arrange the photography for your home. (I actually am the photographer.) We, as a company, have worked on improving our photography for years and have purchased tens of thousands of dollars of equipment to make your home shine in its online presence. We have had competitors ask us if they could pay us to take photos of their listings on more than one occasion.

Your job is to get your home ready to be photographed. That means as much decluttering as possible, and everything tidied up!

See below for a slideshow of photographs from past listings.

Photos are your home's first handshake with the buyer that will purchase the home!

Why are photos so important?

There are two dominate ways that buyers get information on homes for sale. The first is they search online themselves through major home portal websites, or on social media. The second is they find an agent to send them listings to look at that match criterion they give to that agent. 

This makes the photography of your home the deciding factor if they are going to look more in-depth at the possibility of visiting your home for a private showing. Because photos are so important to your success in selling your house, photography has become important to us as a company and we take it extremely seriously.

You need the best photography to maximize your chances of selling. You get that with Inglenook Realty Inc.

Protecting Your Interests

It doesn't matter how great the marketing for your home is if you can't get the sale to the finish line. Protecting your interests comes before a contract is ever agreed to, during the inspection process, and through the completion of the transaction. This is a little-discussed part of the listing and sales process but the most important thing for your protection as a seller. You are dealing with legal and binding contracts, I am here to guide you through the possible pitfalls.

My Responsibilities to You

As your listing agent, it is my responsibility to act in your best interest. I do that through the following fiduciary responsibilities:

Obedience - Act as authorized by you as it relates to real estate law.

Loyalty - Act in your best interest at all times.

Disclosure - Disclose relevant information to you, as well as any new information I come across.

Confidentiality - Never reveal confidential information unless authorized by you. (Reason for a move, family issues, etc...)

Accountability - Maintain and furnish a true and complete accounting of money.

Reasonable Care or Dilifence - Be attentive to your affairs and to take care to discover facts and report them to you.

It's More Than Just Marketing.

When you start fielding offers you will want to take more into consideration than price. The terms of the offer, the mortgage type and if it's viable for the sale. Are the items included to go with the home the only things the buyers are asking for? I have many stories from over 16 years of real estate experience I can share with you. The bottom line is that the home isn't sold just because you are under contract and you need to have someone working for you that can see the pitfalls coming before you walk into them.

Putting it all Together

This was just a small sample of what occurs throughout a real estate transaction. If you allow me the opportunity to meet with you I will explain much more in-depth during the listing consultation what we will need to do to get you the sold result you are looking for. Please call or text me at (518)528-3654 to set up your appointment today or fill out the form below and I will reach out to you!

I'm here to chat!

You took the first step to come to the website to check things out so you are at least considering listing your home now. Let's set up a time to meet and get the preliminary listing process started. Fill out the form or contact me directly: (518)528-3654 - Cell or [email protected]

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