Thomas Joseph Flanagan III (Tom)
NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Tom has completed a 30-yr career as Northeast Regional Sales Manager for a local privately held corporation.  In this role he worked with business owners and material managers.

He prides himself in working diligently for his clients to see they get the best service possible & the most value for their money.

Tom has chosen to apply his skills to the business of helping sellers market their homes with the resources of the Greater Capital Association of Realtors & the Capital Region Mutiple Listing service along with the most effective combination of internet, social media and print marketing to expose their homes to the broadest range of buyers.

He will also help buyers find the home that best meets their needs & wants within their given budget.  This will be accomplished by working with his fellow agents & using every available resource.

How can Tom help you?

Where did you grow up?

Tell us about your family:
My Wife Cindy , daughters Amanda & Christie

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Do you have any Hobbies?
Boating , Flying , auto restoration

How long have you worked in Real Estate?
Since early 2016 but have lived in a house all my life

What did you do before you got into Real Estate?
B2B sales , sales training

My favorite thing about Real Estate is…………….
helping people

Do you have a specialty in a certain area. Are there certain properties you enjoy selling more than others?
Camps, lake, quality homes

I have accomplished?
a lot

What is the most Challenging/Gratifying Aspect of What you do?
getting listing / selling homes

What is the most unique property you have listed, purchased, or sold?
reproduction Colonial on 45 acres

What are the top 4 things you feel separate you from the competition?
drive , availability, understanding people , good looks

What is the one tip you would have for someone looking to buy a home?
buy from me

Why should someone choose you as their Real Estate agent?
I will represent their property better than anyone

Do you have a nickname:

Answer the following: I am?

Answer the following: I live?
in Hagaman

Answer the following: I was born?
in Amsterdam

Answer the following: What is your proudest moment?
being a father

Answer the following: What drives you?
the need     for purpose , money

Answer the following: What is your biggest challenge?

What is your Favorite Quote?
i make them up as needed

Your Alarm Clock just went off……what time is it?
8 oclock

What would be your perfect day?
flying in calm winds

What was your first job?
Supermarket clerk

If you had a super hero power, what would it be?
speak in any language

What is your favorite thing about the Capital Region and or Mohawk Valley?
4 seasons

Let’s pretend you were building your dream home today and money was no object…..what is one thing it would definitely have?
landing strip

Who or what is your inspiration?
my mother

Finish the following sentence: Inglenook Realty is:
a local firm with the strength to help sellers and buyers succeed , that are unmatched by our competitors .

What are two things most people do not know about you?
I’m a pilot  and I play the drums

You are at a restaurant and the waitress asks you what kind of drink you would like? You order?

If your friends had to describe you using 5 words, they would say?
Tom is a kind person

Dream Vacation?
sailing the Carribean

One thing you wish you knew?
how to play guitar

In my past life, I was a?
Big band singer

Favorite word?

Favorite band/music?
Led Zepplin

Favorite Book?
The Old Man& the Sea

Favorite Food?

Describe yourself in 5 words or less
I am honest

Complete the following sentence: I wish…..
a full happy life for my daughters .

Write your own question about yourself or your life below and answer it:
What was your life like ?  Hard challenging work, fun , joy , success  and love .

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