Bonnie VanPatten
NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Cell Phone: 518.866.4446 Office Phone: 518.882.6236 Office Fax: 866.616.3484

About Bonnie

Where did you grow up?


Tell us about your family:

My family is everything.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Do you have any Hobbies?

I like to run, fourwheeler, and boat. Anything outdoors is a go!

How long have you worked in Real Estate?

Under 5 years

What did you do before you got into Real Estate? How did this prepare you for Real Estate (if at all)?

Before real estate I got into real estate my husband and I own a contracting business (still do) as well as consult with Arbonne. In preparation for real estate I looked at the market and noticed it was challenging and on the rise so I knew it would be a good fit.

Why did you get into selling Real Estate?

I got into real estate because it’s ever changing and challenging.

My favorite thing about Real Estate is…………….

It’s ever changing and without a doubt never boring!

Do you have a specialty in a certain area. Are there certain properties you enjoy selling more than others?

I enjoy listing and helping first time sellers/buyers. It can be both exciting and stressful and I strive to make the process as smooth as humanly possible.

What is the most Challenging/Gratifying Aspect of What you do?

The most challenging aspect of what I do is accepting that I may not have all the answers to help you, although I will find them out for you in reasonable time.


What are the top 4 things you feel separate you from the competition?

1. Superior service 2. Down to earth agents 3. Team work 4. Drive to get things done.

What is the one tip you would have for someone looking to buy a home?

Work with an agent, even though most of the information out there it is important to have someone to represent you so things you may not think of are not missed.

Answer the following: I am?


Answer the following: I live?

In mayfield

Answer the following: What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was becoming a mom.

Answer the following: What drives you?

Things that seem impossible.

Answer the following: What is your biggest challenge?

Nice weather.

What is your Favorite Quote?

If you don’t like something, change it. if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. -unknown

Your Alarm Clock just went off……what time is it?


What would be your perfect day?

Up when the sunrise, a few hours of work, the afternoon with the kids, and whatever the night may bring!

What was your first job?


If you had a super hero power, what would it be?


What is your favorite thing about the Capital Region and or Mohawk Valley?

The Sacandaga Lake

Let’s pretend you were building your dream home today and money was no object…..what is one thing it would definitely have?

A pool.

Who or what is your inspiration?

My mom.

Finish the following sentence: Inglenook Realty is:

A great team to work with.

What is your phone number and email address?

518-866-4446 | [email protected]

What are two things most people do not know about you?

1. I genuinely care about what you say to me (I’m not just pretending) 2.scheduled downtime is super important to me

You are at a restaurant and the waitress asks you what kind of drink you would like? You order?

Draft ipa

If your friends had to describe you using 5 words, they would say?

Outgoing, happy, driven, determinated, inspiring

Dream Vacation?


In my past life, I was a?

Wild horse

Favorite word?


Favorite Book?

Have a little faith – Mitch albom

Favorite Food?


Describe yourself in 5 words or less


Complete the following sentence: I wish…..

Everyone would understand how to live a fulfilled life.

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