Selling Lakeside Property

Selling your Lakeside Property


Photo by Dominic Morel
Photo by Dominic Morel

Your home is different.  Unique.  Extraordinary.  And when selling your lakeside home, your marketing has to be as special as the property you are selling.

When selling a property on the water, you must first understand why someone would buy a lakeside property.  People don’t buy them because they have to have a lakeside home.  Waterfront properties are purchased because the  purchaser wants the lifestyle that comes with the purchase.  They want to sit by the water and read a book while  listening to the waves crash against the shore.  They want to watch their children and grandchildren grow up and  spend their summers in the lake with their friends.  They want to be able to walk off of their front porch and take off  in the boat to their favorite lakeside restaurant or Tavern.  They want to spend their Winters ice fishing from the  comfort of their living room.  It’s the lifestyle that only a few get to appreciate, so when selling you must make sure  that you accentuate that lifestyle.




Staging the shoreline.
Dock image When selling any home, staging is extremely important.  But when selling a lakeside home, the most important and most often      missed area to stage is the shoreline.  Remember, we are selling a lifestyle of living at the lake.  Stage the shoreline with chairs and  a  firepit that overlook the water.  Rake the shoreline and remove any rocks prior to showing the property.  Clear out any garbage,  debris,  leaves, and lake plants from the water.  Build a sandcastle and strategically place a few childrens toys.  Make a well lit  pathway  leading to the dock and watersedge.  Place a few potted plants and flowers to add some color.  Make sure the dock is well  secured and  in good shape by replacing any rotten boards.  Again, this is the most important part of what you are selling so be sure  you spend ample time preparing it.




Staging the home.

When staging the home, you want to be sure to tactfully place your furniture in a way that will maximize the view to the lake.  Make sure all windows facing the water are cleaned.  Place a few Lake Magazines on the coffee table with a pair of reading glasses and perhaps a couple of Wine glasses.  Again, focus on the lake and the lifestyle.


Showing the home.

The first place the buyer should see when they arrive at the home is the water.  They should be brought down to the beach and and have the opportunity to sit down at the watersedge and take in all the sights and sounds the lake has to offer.  Your agent should be able to convey to the buyers the many things you have enjoyed about the lake such as past stories and the many reasons why you love the lake suggesting the buyer will also love it.


Marketing materials.

A buyer/buyers agent need to be provided with all the information about the lake at the showing.  They should be provided a map of the lake showing the location of the property and information on how large the lake is, how deep, what types of fish can be caught and where, information on boating rules and regulations, and any/all information on the lake association and regulations.  Provide information on the restaurants, boat launches, public or private access, and availability of fuel on the lake.  Pull out those old photos and show what the home/lake look like in all four seasons.



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