Listing in Fall… Myths and Facts. Should I list my home? (Part 2)

In Part 1 we took a look at the market statistics to judge just how realistic a Fall sale could be. Part 2 will give the tips that close the deal.

Here are some tips:

#1) Warm homes feel cozy. As cooler weather starts to dominate the Northeast, home buyers will want to feel comfortable in their prospective new home. Making sure the house is at a comfortable temperature helps them feel like they can move right in on the couch and get comfortable. So before you leave, move the temperature up a few degrees on the thermostat to make your guests feel at home.

#2) Pricing. Correct pricing is a key factor in selling in the Fall. Make sure you get accurate information of the market and price accordingly. There should not be major problems with finding sales data as the summer season has passed and a lot of homes should have closed by the time you plan on listing. Your Realtor should be able to find enough data to give you an accurate listing price.

#3) Yard work. Keep the leaves cleaned up and the lawn trimmed. If you put effort into your property the buyers will notice. A clean yard infers a well maintained home. Also, a few potted plants such as mums can add a little spice to the exterior and handle the chillier temps.

#4) Check your furnace filter. You want the air in your home to smell good or have no smell at all. Last years dirty furnace filter can change your home’s air quality. It’s a cheap investment to swap out the filter, but it can pay big dividends.

#5) Clean out that indoor fireplace. People love fireplaces, and during the Fall buyers are going to focus on that part of your home anticipating their usage over the winter. Make sure you don’t have cobwebs and spiders hanging out in them, they might not like that Halloween treat.

#6) Cinnamon is a warm fall flavor. A nice idea for the kitchen is to take a pint size mason jar or two and set a few cinnamon sticks in them on your counter. This will give off a light smell that will be received pleasantly by your potential buyers.

#7) Light it up! Days are getting shorter so turn on all of your lights and make sure all the curtains and blinds are open all the way to let as much light in as you can get.

#8) Decorate tastefully, but lightly. A few small decorating accents are great. A wreath on the door, a few mini pumpkins as a centerpiece on the dining room table, Fall accent colored pillows on the couch, etc… However too many decorations will take away from your home itself. You don’t want the buyers walking away talking about the decorations when it’s the home you’re trying to sell.

#9) Clean your windows. Most people do this as a part of “Spring Cleaning”. It’s a good idea to do it again if you’re planning on selling in the Fall.

If you put in the time and effort, good things will come!

Adam Pandori is an original Realtor of Inglenook Realty Inc. established in 2005. You can reach him directly at (518)528-3654 or at [email protected]