How to get to know your new neighborhood

Written by: Robert Gordon, Associate Broker/Branch Manager

Local Entertainment

Restaurants, Bars, Bowling Alleys, and other entertainment spots are great places to learn about your area. These locations are frequented by regulars that are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to you new town. Chat with a bartender or waitress….visit the post office and find the mailman! Few people know an area better than the guy who walks it on a daily basis.  Find the local fitness center and hop on a treadmill next to someone….don’t be afraid to ask for information and advice.

Walk or bike the neighborhood

On your stroll, take a look at the building architecture, the many people, sounds, trees, police presence, local boutiques, gyms, and anything else that you come across.

Community Functions

Find a local event calendar at grocery stores, restaurants, or other public places and attend some community events.  Whether it’s a street festival, art gallery opening, neighborhood garage sale, or free yoga in the park, attending a local event can get you active in your community and will help you meet new people.

Robert Gordon is the top selling agent and an original founding Realtor of Inglenook Realty Inc. established in 2005. You can reach him directly at (518)852-4408 or at [email protected]