Happy Holidays! Thank you for 10 years of success!

Happy Holidays
As the year winds down and Winter finally (If at all) sets in most people take a breath to review their year and set some goals for the next incoming one. There was a significant anniversary this year. It was Inglenook Realty’s 10-year anniversary. We never really announced it or talked about it much with our fan base, but it did indeed happen. The first year in 2005 (The company opened mid-year.) the company did a total of 5 sales for a volume of $619,150. This year alone there were 7 agents in the company that sold more than that amount.

Year two it jumped to $3,735,469.

In 2007 at what was probably the height of the market before the 2008 crash the company sold $7,465,557. That’s a pretty staggering 99+% increase.

In 2008 the market started to tank right in the middle of the summer. The company still managed to grow to $8,807,127.

2009 was the one of the hardest years in the Capital District in a long time. We weren’t immune as we basically tread water at $8,723,950.

2010: $11,370,000 2011: $9,178,191 2012: $14,311,203 2013: $15,910,891 2014: $18,361,231

For 2015 we will grow to over $25,000,000 in sales. That means this year the average agent in the company sold $1,785,714.29 each. With the average sales price for the company being $150,000 that means about 11.9 homes sold per agent.

It was the first year we had 4 of our agents produce multi-millions in sales.

We’re very proud of our team at Inglenook Realty Inc. Thank you for helping us grow into a success over the past 10 years. We look forward to helping you with all your real estate needs in the upcoming years ahead!
Happy Holidays, enjoy your families, friends, and food!

Adam Pandori is an original agent and Realtor® of Inglenook Realty Inc. established in 2005. He is a multi-million dollar selling agent as well as one of the in-house photographers for the company. You can reach him directly at (518)528-3654 or at [email protected]