Grab those goals, and SUCCESS, in 2016!

Welcome to the wonderful world of 2016. We have more available knowledge and training than ever to better ourselves as individuals and achieve our goals. Just about everyone makes some sort of New Year’s Resolution or goal to improve their lot in life. As a person that is in business for myself I’m going to give you some tips that help me achieve the things I set out to do.

First, write out your goals. If it isn’t written down, it isn’t a goal. You can’t plan to achieve what is not on paper. Some people make vision boards which are pictures of things they want. Be creative or as simplistic as you like. I’m very simplistic. I prefer to write things down in an Excel spreadsheet because it makes tracking progress easier.

Don’t try to do too many things! I can’t stress this enough. If you over-burden yourself, you will end up doing less than you would have had you focused on fewer things. Try keeping your main goals to 5 or less.

Be realistic. If you have been saying every year that your goal is to lose 50 pounds and you haven’t managed to shed 10, it’s time to change your expectation. I’d encourage you to change your approach. Maybe your goal should be, I’m going to replace three dinner meals with salads and exercise for 150 minutes every week. You may not lose 50 pounds that way in a year, but I bet you’ll feel better and lose some weight within 365 days. Some goals take more than a year to accomplish.

Break it down… ALL the way. This is the most important step. For example, maybe you’d like to ready yourself for a promotion to the next level at work. How do you get there? Let’s say you need a new certification before you become eligible. Here’s how I would plan out my steps to achieve the goal starting from the bottom and working to the top:

Goals Flowchart

Working from the bottom up leads to the top and your success. When you break down your goal it suddenly becomes more manageable for you to achieve it and there is clarity to the path that takes you there. When you have a clear path you can then mark off your milestones along the way which will give you positive reinforcement and encouragement as you get closer to your goal.
Use tracking, it’s the only way to hold yourself accountable. This is the reason I like Excel spreadsheets. You can track what you’re doing and when you did it. If my goal is to write one good productive blog every week for you to read. I need to make a plan and follow steps. I can track my steps in Excel by marking time spent in certain activities on a weekly basis. When I pull up my spreadsheet it is a reminder of the process I created to achieve my goal. My spreadsheet would look like this:

Excel Goals

You can achieve your goals and resolutions if you remember to Write It, Be Realistic, Break It Down, and Track it! Here’s to your success and health in 2016!

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Adam Pandori is an original agent and Realtor® of Inglenook Realty Inc. established in 2005. He is a multi-million dollar selling agent as well as one of the in-house photographers for the company. You can reach him directly at (518)528-3654 or at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @NYSRealtorAdam on Instagram @AdamSellsUpstate and on Facebook @