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“Why do you feel the need to spend ALL your money?”

Written by Inglenook Realty, Inc. guest blog contributor Jeffrey Miller.   Jeff Miller has been in the Mortgage and Home Budgeting business for over 20 years.  Currently,  Jeff Miller is the AVP of Mortgage at Sunmark FCU and is the host of “The Sunmark Radio Show” airing on 94.7FM. Jeff is a lifelong resident of…more


Contrary to popular belief, an FHA loan is not a “first-time” buyer mortgage.  A large number of first time homebuyer’s do use FHA loans but any buyer can get an FHA loan if they are buying a primary residence and don’t already have an FHA loan on another property they own. The reason they are…more


Many consumers are now utilizing one of the many online credit monitoring services such as Credit Karma, Identity Theft, My Fico, etc.  Equifax, Experian and Transunion all offer their own monitoring services as well.  These services help to ensure the accuracy of what is on your credit history and alert you to any fraudulent activity. …more

What to make of Zillow Zestimates?

Zillow Zestimates. What they are, how they work, and what they mean for buying and selling homes. A hot button topic for real estate professionals and clients alike are Zillow Zestimates. Nearly every seller looks at their Zestimate online before they list and most buyers use the Zestimate information as part of their offer price.…more

Be in the Know: Know Before You Owe Rule goes into effect Oct. 3

After the economic collapse in 2008 there was a focus on mortgage lending in the US because of the derivative market. I’m sure most people recall the blame being thrown around by politicians about how banks made mortgages too easy to get and too risky for the borrowers that received the loans. Then the banks…more